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The [edit] function allows you to alter the pattern of the selected track.

To enter the edit menu press the [edit] button, you will have an overview of the selected page of the playing pattern.

The following colours on the steps indicate:

RED: active steps

GREEN: playing step

YELLOW: active and accentuated steps.


The [page] button allows you to scroll through the 4 pages of your pattern.

Each page is composed of 16 steps. You can extend your pattern up to 64 steps by adding more pages. 

To do so press [shift] + [page] and expand the page number.

Edit Step Value 

Move the [pot] to pre-select the step's value, modulation or velocity. 

If you turn the knob, the [key] page will pop up temporarily as a visual display so that you can set the value.

Once you have found the right value for either note, modulation or velocity depending on the track you are using, you must assign it to a step.

Press one or more [steps 1 to 16]. The value will be assigned this way.

For details on track types (Notes, Modulation, Drum) visit the Settings Page


If the pattern is empty and the track type is set to Modulation, then the [pot] value has direct control over the CV / CC output of the track.

Edit Gate Length

Hold [shift] and turn the [pot] to set the gate length of ALL the steps.

Setting them to maximum ties them together.

Hold [shift] + any [step] and turn the knob to change the length of an INDIVIDUAL step

Short pressing [step] is activating or deactivating a step in the pattern and writing the current value to it.

Long pressing [step] shows the value of the current step and copies its value.

. manual

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