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Last update (24/02/24) : V1.01.1
Bug fixes :
- PATTERN was not changing properly
- TRANSPOSE could still be applied when OFF
- Default settings reworked

Cuisine update guide :
1) Download the last release here.
2)a Plug your Cuisine to your computer via USB (you might need changing the orientation of the USB C connector if your device is not detected).
2)b If cuisine is still not
detected download and install CH34x driver
3) Ex
tract the downloaded archive then launch the update.exe file from the extracted folder.
4) wait for the operation to complete


Mac :
An easy to use executable will come later. If you can't wait and / or have only access to a Mac computer you will have to directly use avrdude:
1) Install avrdude
2) Download and install CH34x driver
3) Download the firmware here.
4) Extract the archive
5) Open terminal then go to the extracted folder using the command "cd" ("cd /emplacement/of/you/folder")
6) Enter this in the terminal while replacing {com_port} and {hex_file_name} with the appropriate name:
"avrdude -C ./avrdude.conf -c arduino -D -b 115200 -p atmega4809 -P \"{com_port}\" -U flash:w:{hex_file_name}:i"

{com_port} : type "ls /dev/tty*" and press enter to get a list of the potential com_port.
{hex_file_name} : .hex file name from the update archive

7) Press enter and wait for the operation to complete

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