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Euclidian Generator

The [euclid] menu gives you access to an Euclidian Rhythm Generator.

Euclidian rhythms help you space out your steps algorithmically in a musical way. Check more information about Euclidian Rythms here.

The Generator requires 2 values:

  • the total step number of the pattern (from 16 to 64)

  • and the number of active steps that you selected.

To these 2 values, we added an offset parameter for convenience.

The algorithm's function is to spread these steps as evenly as possible into the pattern.

You can use the [pot] or the [step] to set the current parameter value.

In [euclid] Menu Press [page] to scroll through the 3 parameters ranging from 0 to 16.

Page 1: active step number

Page 2: pattern size

Page 3: Offset



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