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To enter the track menu press the [track] button, this will give you an activity overview of all of your tracks.

The first 12 steps of the sequencer correspond to the 12 tracks

(1st step -1st track ...)

Press [step 1 to 12] to select a track.

This way the track activity is visualized with the corresponding colours:

RED: Gate / Note On 

GREEN: Selected track

YELLOW: Track is part of an active mute group

Mute Groups

Mute groups

There are 4 mute groups available, visualized on the remaining steps:

[step 13 to 16].

Those 4 mute groups can be edited as follows:

HOLD [step 13 to 16] and press on the tracks [step 1 to 12] that you want to add or remove from the mute group.


RELEASE [step 13 to 16]

to activate or deactivate the mute group.

If you want to exit the mute group editor without changing its current state hold

[shift] and then RELEASE [step 13 to 16] 



Holding [shift] and then turning [pot] allows you to set the internal BPM of the sequencer.

Do not be afraid about the numerical representation, it is pretty simple :

Each [step] column represents one digit



from left to right we get 

    - column 1 = hundreds

    - column 2 = tenths

    - column 3 = units

    - column 4 = decimals

Then each digit is represented using 3 colours via a simple addition :

    - GREEN = digit 1 to 4

    - YELLOW = digit 5 to 8          or 4 + 1 to 4

    - RED = 9                        or 1 + 4 + 4

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