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Welcome to Floating Knobs! ♡

Crafting Chaos: Modular Instruments,
a labour of love for intricate rhythms and textures



First release:


38HP. 12 track
Performance Sequencer

Freshly served for tasty rhythms, juicy melodies and sparkling modulation. Cuisine is ready to spice up your system with intricate rhythmic arrangements, organic patterns and polyrhythms.


Showcasing 12 tracks, the Step Sequencer offers you abundant space for exploration and play. From advanced personalized scales to Euclidian rhythms, this instrument provides you with the essential tools for tailoring your personalized workflow.



Construct complex rhythms through 12 tracks freely assignable to control drum voices, musical notes or CV modulation. Store 12 tracks in one project.



Play with the flexibility of Cuisine's clocking. Tracks can be clocked independently or coupled together. You can also customize the way tracks interact with each other to create polyrhythms.




Craft quickly interesting melodies and chord progressions with a personalized scale and transpose system.



Making interesting rhythms can be as easy as activating the Euclidian function. Manipulate these organic patterns by changing their size, offset and steps.



Cuisine is designed to offer you seamless control with just one hand. This ensures rapid interaction and a fluid flow during improvisations in the studio or in live musical performances.

modular spirit

Cuisine is made to connect to your Eurorack modular setup. With Midi In and Out, many Gate outputs and CV's, you are ready to trigger, gate and modulate your system.




Coming in a standalone format that can be converted to Eurorack, Cuisine is versatile and portable, a powerful tool for delectable grooves.